Crop residue and forage supply chain solutions

tractor-strawPacific Ag is the nation's largest provider of comprehensive agricultural biomass supply chain solutions.

We serve a diverse set of markets that include:

  • export and domestic forage for animal protein,
  • cellulosic feedstock for the creation of biofuels and biochemicals,
  • mushroom compost production,
  • erosion control products, and
  • tree-free pulp and paper.

Since 1998, we’ve developed and implemented our dedicated supply chain model providing consistent cost, quality and volume that are critical to the commercial viability and success of these markets. To that end, we:

  • work with the largest grower network in the U.S.;
  • operate the largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment;
  • perform feasibility and Supply ShedTM assessments for commercial projects;
  • conducted demonstration harvests to solidify cost and risk assessments; and,
  • developed our own integrated supply chain management system, PowerStock Pro.

From our early operations we’ve expanded nationally to meet the harvest and supply chain development needs of our customers and partners, leveraging deployment of equipment and expertise at an industry-best asset utilization rate that drives down operating costs.

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